US Super Bowl Betting

America’s National Football League (NFL) is a respected institution and its well-maintained games are always exciting to watch. They culminate in the hugely anticipated Super Bowl, which offers the best football in the world and incredible performances by some of the world’s hottest stars.

Games are always more exciting to watch when you have money riding on them, and Super Sunday is no exception. There are some incredible bets offered by the online American bookmakers reviewed here, and we want to help you make the most of them. If you want to find out more about Super Bowl betting options, start with our guide here.

These are the most common wagers in Super Bowl betting, and being so simple they are a great place for novices to start. The spread number is given to the underdog team to start them off, and is taken away from the favorites so that they start with a handicap. If you place a point spread bet on the stronger team, they have to exceed the spread before you are paid out.

The advantages of these wagers is that they are simple to research and that most online American bookmakers take a very low percentage. The amount of people betting will change the spread, but you shouldn’t see drastic changes unless there are significant injuries. Be sure to watch for information regarding that.

Moneyline bets are straight up and do not involve point spreads. All you have to do is predict who you think will get to lift the Lombardi Trophy. Internet betting sites usually use American odds, so a positive number is assigned to the underdogs and its negative counterpart to the favorites. For example, the weaker team might have +200 and the stronger -200. This would mean the underdogs’ odds of winning are 1/2 and the favorites’ are 2/1. To get paid out $100 if you are backing the strong contenders if they win, you need to put down $200. To win $200 if the other team wins, you only need to put $100 on them.

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These are also called over/under bets, and you have to say if you think the final total score will be over or under the bookmaker’s prediction. They are popular at most online American betting sites, and are great when you have good reason to think that a game will have a particularly high or low total score.

Propositional Bets

Also known as props bets, these wagers are only available for very special and popular events, so Super Bowl betting always has several on offer. They are usually in the format of one of the bet types mentioned above, and are concerned with particular events. These can of course be quite legitimate, such as predicting who will score the first touchdown, but American bookies also traditionally have fun with these wagers and often propose something a little bit crazy like predicting what color the Gatorade that is poured over the head of the winners’ coach will be. These will really add entertainment to your Super Sunday.

Start Betting on Super Bowl

As an American you are bound to be watching the game anyway, and Super Bowl betting can make the sights and sounds of the day much more immersive and enjoyable. Use our guidelines and check out the premium American sports betting sites we have reviewed to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun.