Boxing Betting Online

Boxing matches are certainly some of the most white-knuckle, physically demanding sports events around, and every year there are a huge amount of fighters competing for a variety of titles, with a lot of these matches taking place in the Las Vegas area.  Happily for those who do not live in Las Vegas, or are unable to attend a fight for any reason, boxing betting online is becoming more readily available, with the opportunity to participate being offered by the American sportsbooks on offer at this website.

The game of boxing has two fighters pitted against each other, with each of the athletes intent on either knocking his or her opponent out, known as a KO, or scoring more points overall than his or her challenger, with points being awarded throughout the rounds making up the match for landed punches.

Rounds are usually a couple of minutes long, and can extend to twelve or more during a match, depending on how the match is structured. A KO occurs when one fighter is knocked down and is unable to get up on their feet again within the 10 second limit. Should neither fighter succumb to a KO, a panel of judges determines the winner by the points allocated for successful punches.

Take a minute to browse the American sportsbooks featured on this website, and take advantage of the ratings and reviews which accompany them in order to make your selection. You will be able to start boxing betting on a variety of platforms, including from your smartphone or tablet, as well as your laptop and computer, and will be able to ensure that the sportsbook you have opened up your account with is the best of its type available online. The information on this website is kept up to date, and you will be able to access all the information you require in order to start laying more successful wagers more often.

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Start Betting on Boxing Matches

Individuals interested in boxing betting should know that there are three main bets accepted by the majority of American internet betting sites, including Total bets, Moneyline bets and, occasionally, Knock Out bets.

Boxing betting Moneyline bets are similar to the Win bets for other sports, whereby bettors are asked to predict the outright winner of a fight. Boxing betting adds a feature to this type of bet, as there is also a line provided for a draw.

A Total bet allows bettors to lay a wager on two things. How many rounds a match will consist of, or how many points will be scored in total. Set up as Over/Under bets, these can be very exciting wagers for more knowledgeable boxing fans to explore.

A Knock Out bet needs the sportsbook customer to accurately predict whether a fighter will lose due to a knockout punch, and no payouts will be made unless this happens.

There are a huge amount of classes, titles and leagues for boxing betting fans to participate in, and whether it is a title fight, promotion fight or a match at the Olympics, you will be able to find bouts happening at most points during the year.

Bet on boxing at the top rated USA sports betting sites and enjoy this action packed sport and all the rewards it offers.