Online Live Betting USA

There’s not much more exciting than being in the thick of the action; and for a thrill-loving sports bettor, one of the best ways to do that is take part in live betting – the placing of wagers on a match as it plays out.

Live betting is enormously popular, and there’s a vast amount of services for it that American bettors can choose from. That’s where we come in.

Sure, most American sports lovers are content to keep their sports betting to wagering a handful of dollars between friends on which team’s going to come out on top at the next Super Bowl. But for those of us who just can’t get enough of the thrill of sports and wagers, the world of internet betting is the place to be, and live betting services represent the ultimate thrill.

Of course, betting’s a multifaceted sport, and there’s many ways in which you can compete – it’s what makes it so fun. So, for anyone knew to the slightly intimidating, but thrilling world of live bets, here’s a brief rundown of all the kinds of live betting you can enter into.

Straight bets are those made against spread, also sometimes known as a line. This is a number allocated by the sportsbook, keeping track of the specific handicaps certain sports teams favor. In an NBA game, for example, one team is seen as being more likely to win than the other. The points assigned to teams by the bookmaker, in essence, are intended to give bettors a motivation to wager on one of the teams less likely to come out of the match victorious.

Proposition bets are the particularly precise kind made by the risk-takers, betting on extremely specific outcomes of a match. Whether you’re wagering on the exact number of goals a specific team will score in a soccer match, the number of runs a specific player will make in a game of cricket, or the number of hoops a specific basketball player will shoot, proposition bets are the sort of wagers a sports lover makes when they’re feeling really lucky.

Parlays, which include up to 12 bets, are for the sports bettor who’s all about taking bigger risks for the chance of a bigger payout. In a four-team parlay, a sportsbook bettor could include four bets. If any of these four bets fails, the bettor will lose, but if they are all successful the payout will be significantly higher, up to 10 to 1.

Progressive parlays also include up to 12 bets and also offer significant payouts, but these are usually smaller than the normal parlay payout. In a progressive parlay, however, you do not need to win all your bets in order to secure a payout, as a reduced one will be made even if some are not successful.

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Live Bet Teasers

Teasers allow bettors a combination of live betting wager options on two, or more, different games. You will be able to adjust the point spreads on the games you have selected, but must again win all the bets in order to receive the payout, although these are smaller than those which parlay bets grant.

Pick the Right Live Betting Site

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