Cricket Betting USA

Cricket might not be a traditional hobby in the USA, but sports bettors all across America are beginning to grow increasingly appreciative of this formerly foreign game. With the growth of international games taking place throughout the year, from the Ashes series to the ICC World Cup, it was really only a matter of time until those of us with a love for both sport and wagering began to see the potential in this sports formerly so underappreciated in the USA.

And that’s why we at have, as with every other aspect of the business, collected all the best sports betting and bookmaker websites that cater to cricket wagers, and sorted them for your convenience. As a site dedicated to sports betting, we know there’s a great variety of taste among the individual bettor, and we want to make certain every one of you is catered to.

Simply put, we sports bettors of America have grown to love cricket because of how heavily built it is upon figures, averages and forms. This reliance upon numbers means that there are simply more ways for punters to wager on the outcomes – and, thanks to the world-changing advent of the internet, the USA’s sports bettors are no longer limited by the trivial fact that local cricket is rather limited – as long as you’re connected (and, really, who in the USA isn’t nowadays?), you’ll be able to place any wager of your choice on any game across the globe.

For sports bettors who are new to the cricket wagering game, or just prefer more traditional wagers, test cricket is probably what will suit you best. These games take place over a period of five days, and there is a big selection of cricket markets available for interested USA sports betting sites customers to peruse. Additionally, thanks to the frequent ups and downs of the average cricket match, and the propensity of any game’s odds to shift dramatically at any time, live betting has also become highly popular among cricket bettors – and, thanks to the miracle of mobile connection and sports betting apps, punters like yourself can place their wagers any time, anywhere – which, needless to say, is a blessing when you’re inclined to make a new wager midway though a match.

And if you’re a sports bettor interested in quicker returns, the one day cricket variety is probably the one for you. This form of cricket, which was given exposure by the World Cups, is currently offered to sports bettors of the USA in over 50 markets. It’s a short, sharp version of the game which offers our fellow sports bettors the excitement and thrill we know they love.

The high volume of runs and great batting that 20/20 cricket has brought into the public’s view has had great repercussions for cricket betting worldwide.  The Indian Premier League, or IPL, is the most well-known of these games, and, thanks to the presence of celebrity athletes, they present a thrilling fanfare for spectators and bettors alike.

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Betting Types for USA Cricket

Cricket is complicated, and so is betting. And because of this, there’s a whole lot of ways the average American punter can wager on a game of cricket – you might put money down on anything from athletes’ feats, awards and margins, winning teams for a game, or the number of runs a particular batter might rack up in a particular match. That, as any dedicated punter knows, is just one of the wonders of sports betting: the almost limitless options.

Of course, given how varied the cricket betting business can be, it might be best that you browse our selection of cricket betting bookmakers yourself, and find the one that caters to the particular wager you’d most like to place. We’re satisfied knowing that the sites you’ll be browsing will offer you the safe, convenient service our fellow sports lovers deserve.