NHL Betting Online USA

The National Hockey League, or NHL, was created in 1917 and covers two great hockey nations, namely Canada and North America. The skilled players in the League’s teams are from all over the world, and currently there are about twenty nationalities represented. The exacting standards of the NHL games mean they are always fantastic to watch, especially when you put money on their outcomes. We encourage you to try these exciting wagers and want you to have the best time possible, which is why we have put some NHL betting guidelines together for you here.

There are three types of odds in NHL wagering, and you need to understand them all to place the best bets in any situation. Firstly, American odds assign a negative number to the favorites and assign its positive counterpart to the underdog team. For example, if a strong team has a -200, this would mean they have 2/1 odds and you need to bet twice as much as $100 (i.e. $200) to win the $100. Conversely, the weaker team in this example would have a +200 and 1/2 odds, so you would only have to bet $100 to win twice that amount.

Decimal odds may also be used, because they are very simple and easy. The potential return from bets of one unit are shown, so if there are odds of 4.5, you will be paid $4.50 for every dollar you have wagered on a team if they win.

Lastly, fractional odds are often seen in the media. The odds show a bet’s potential profit and are expressed as fractions. Your overall punt is multiplied by the fractional odds and the result is your profit amount.

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Options for NHL Betting

Deciding on the team or players you want to back is actually quite an art, and it will develop over time as you spend more time at the online USA sports betting sites we have showcased. Find out who is first in line for goal position, because this will set the tone for the whole game. You should also check injury reports, previous statistics and recent playing history. To help you start getting familiar with different NHL betting possibilities, we have outlined the major ones below.

  • Moneyline bets use a set price instead of a point spread, so the team you back only has to win and doesn’t need to beat the spread.
  • Point spreads and moneylines are involved in Puck Line bets so the winning team must exceed the spread.
  • In Total bets, you must predict whether the total final score will be over or under what your bookie says.
  • You can bet on future outcomes like championship or division winners with Future bets.
  • Proposition bets are like Future bets and involve event-specific wagers, such as who will score the first goal. They use a Moneyline format.
  • Parlays allow you to bet on several games with one ticket and multiply all the odds together. They can really boost your winnings but are also risky because every bet must win for you to get paid out.
  • Teasers also involve multiple selections but unlike with a Parlay you can adjust, or tease, the line to be more in your favor.

Bet on the NHL and Win

If we have whet your appetite for NHL betting and you want to try punting on pucks for yourself, you are ready to check out the fine American internet betting sites that we review. Start wagering and winning today.